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Innovation Leader publishes in-depth quarterly special reports on a variety of topics. Our latest reports are listed below. Reports are available for members only.

Startup Engagement: Best Practices for Large Organizations

In this research report, we wanted to understand how some of the top-performing organizations in the world design strategies to engage with startups. We gathered quantitative data from 115 large organizations, and interviewed innovators from 15 companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, The Shubert Organization, the US Air Force, and more!

Best Practices: Co-Creation & Ecosystem Development

In this report, we highlight data from 275 innovation professionals on co-creation and ecosystem development, specifically with a focus on the value, internal players, and role models associated with these approaches. The report includes perspectives from innovation leaders at Boeing, Marriott, Southern Company, Johnson & Johnson, Ericsson, and IBM, as well as case studies from Cisco, Xerox, Bayer, and more.

Best of 2018: Our Most Popular Reports, Case Studies & Resources

For this digital collection, we pulled data on the most popular reports, case studies, and resources that our team produced in 2018. What you’ll find inside are the top 12 things we published over the course of the year, plus another 15 "greatest hits" from our strategic partners.

Innovation & Risk: Forging Productive Ties with Legal, Compliance, and Security Teams

How well-aligned (or not) is your innovation group with colleagues in legal, compliance, and security? Do they see you as scofflaws? Do you view them as the "innovation police"? Our latest 50-page research report is packed with real-world examples and advice about creating more productive working relationships.

Blueprints for Corporate Innovators: Tools, Templates, and Resources for Making Change

One of the big projects we’ve been working on at Innovation Leader over the past year has been building tools, templates, and other resources to help people working on innovation in large organizations. Our latest report brings those resources together into a comprehensive collection for innovation teams at all stages of maturity.

Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018

Innovation Leader and KPMG have collaborated to create the go-to resource on corporate innovation, based on detailed survey data and interviews with senior executives at Whirlpool, Boeing, J&J, General Motors, and more. Inside, you’ll discover how more than 270 global companies think about innovation funding, staffing, incentives, and metrics.

Healthcare Innovation — Case Studies from the Leading Edge

Healthcare organizations are an extremely challenging and complex environment for innovation. But the need for them to innovate has never been more intense — whether in response to new entrants, changing customer behaviors, cost pressures, or shifting reimbursement paradigms. Our latest in-depth research report explores how the world’s leading healthcare companies have set up new innovation initiatives that are delivering tangible results.

Report: Scouting Trends & Emerging Tech

How do large companies scout the trends and technologies that will be most relevant to their future success? And even more importantly, how do they introduce those concepts to their colleagues throughout the organization, and get initial experiments and pilot tests going? Our latest in-depth research report collects advice from innovation, R&D, corporate development, and strategy executives.

Research Report: Governance, Reporting & Communications

Our Q2 2017 report collects the best insights from innovation execs at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Kennametal, Brown Brothers Harriman, ExxonMobil, Thomson Reuters, and others, including recommendations from our interviews, a conference call we conducted with Innovation Leader members, and a survey we fielded in Q1 2017 to understand the current state of governance at 50 large companies. Includes five charts on topics like committee size, metrics, and how progress updates are delivered.

Innovation Teams & Business Units: Allies or Adversaries?

Our exclusive report on building productive relationships between innovation groups and the business units includes insights and advice from AIG, Ralph Lauren, W.L. Gore, Reliant Energy, BASF, Northrop Grumman, CVS and others.

Compensation report: How much are innovation and R&D execs paid?

We fielded a compensation survey that analyzed the base pay and bonuses of nearly 250 executives responsible for innovation at large corporations. This report details our findings, with highlights on how pay relates to titles, position, reporting structure, and more.

Getting Connected Products Right

In Q3 2016, we surveyed companies active in, interested in, or developing connected products, in collaboration with the design and innovation consulting firm Altitude. Here’s the downloadable PDF report summarizing what we found.

Lean startup: Making it work in large organizations

Our 83-page downloadable report is filled with advice, case studies, articles, interviews, and results from our recent survey of Innovation Leader members on lean startup deployment.

Innovation software survey results: Who’s using what?

We analyze the results of our Q1 survey of 115 innovation executives, which explored how they’re using innovation software — and what software they’re using. One finding: most companies have just scratched the surface when it comes to utilizing software to manage innovation programs…

Innovation Labs Report: What’s Inside

What exactly is an innovation lab? Ask ten companies, and you’ll get ten different answers. For our 53-page report on innovation labs, we talked to more than 20 executives at companies like Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Fidelity Investments, Royal Dutch Shell, MasterCard, Target, and others.

Best Innovation Coverage of 2015

We looked at our most-read stories from, as well as our most-clicked and shared material on social media. So rather than these pieces being “Editor’s Picks,” they’re your picks.

Hiring Report: What’s Inside

Our latest report, “Hiring Innovators: How Innovation Teams Bring on Top Talent,” explores how some of the most successful companies are getting the budget they need; describing the roles they’ve created; working with HR — and promoting openings on their own; evaluating candidates; and integrating new hires into the organization. It also includes more than 20 recent job descriptions. Download it here…

Benchmarking Report 2015

Do you need data to help justify, shape, and upgrade your innovation program? We’ve spent more than six months surveying nearly 200 innovation leaders, and the result is Innovation Benchmarking Report 2015, a 40-page report that gives focus to data and intelligence that can help solve the challenges innovation leaders face.

Special Report on Innovation Metrics

Since we started Innovation Leader, the subject of measuring innovation progress has come up in virtually every interview, off-the-record conversation, and Field Study gathering we’ve had. This report, including new survey data, captures what we’ve learned so far.

Best Innovation Coverage of 2014

We’ve collected our most useful and insightful pieces from 2014 into a 40-page PDF. Get the year’s best guidance on corporate innovation, featuring General Electric, Intuit, Marriott, Google, and others — and an exclusive convo with “Innovator’s Dilemma” author Clay Christensen.

Exclusive compensation survey: How innovation execs are paid

What’s the average salary for a VP Innovation? What about Directors or Catalysts? Does company size or reporting structure impact pay? Find out in our first-ever compensation survey of innovation leaders, complete with salaries, bonuses, and performance metrics.

In detail: More on how bonuses are set for innovation executives

Chief Innovation Officers, VPs of Innovation, Directors, and Innovation Managers explain how their bonuses are calculated, in their own words. Data comes from our 2014 compensation survey.

Working with Startups: The Innovation Leader report

Innovation Leader’s Q1 “Peer to Peer” report explores the ways that leading companies are tracking, investing in, and partnering with entrepreneurs and disruptive startups in their industries. The report includes examples and case studies from Time Warner, Constant Contact, GE Appliances, Google Ventures, and Qualcomm, among others.

Survey results: How does your organization stack up?

Innovation Leader recently asked innovation executives around the world about the innovation function within their organizations. Our results — covering topics like metrics, reporting to the board, and internal versus external focus — were surprising.