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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is InnoLead?

InnoLead is an information service and online community for corporate innovators. Our objective is to help our members harness innovation to achieve competitive advantage in their markets.

What does InnoLead cover?

Through research, events, peer information sharing, and analysis, InnoLead focuses on topics that are critical to people making change happen inside large organizations, including:

  • People—Innovation trailblazers, their infrastructure, and how they move the needle
  • Practices—Innovation tactics, programs, and models that work
  • Design—Breakthrough products, creative spaces, and fresh approaches to service design
  • Data Points—Metrics for determining ROI and stats about the current state of corporate innovation
  • Disrupters—Players, trends, technologies, and emergent behaviors with the potential to shake up your business.

Who is behind InnoLead?

InnoLead was created by award-winning innovation journalist Scott Kirsner and digital media entrepreneurs Scott Cohen and Frank Hertz. Additional information is available here.

Why should I join?

InnoLead supplies actionable information for professionals developing new ideas and offerings inside established organizations. Our members gain access to research, best practices, checklists, resources, action items, board briefings, industry comparables, and other critical tools for optimizing innovation efforts.

What does a membership include?

InnoLead members gain access to

  • Website—Complete and unfettered access to all content online
  • Newsletter—A weekly newsletter delivered via email
  • Mobile & Tablet—Mobile versions of all content
  • Research—Access to all research conducted by InnoLead and its research group
  • Slack Channel—A members Slack channel for quick questions and answers 
  • Conference Calls and Webcasts—On- and off-the-record discussions with your peers
  • Events—Free or discounted access to InnoLead events and forums. 

How much does InnoLead cost?

Access to InnoLead starts at only $695.00 per year. Academic, nonprofit, and government agency discounts are available, as are department-wide or company-wide memberships for your co-workers.

What is your cancellation policy?

There are no cancellations once a membership has been purchased and the service has begun. See the Terms of Use for details.

What if I have questions?

Please email us at to discuss the service, delivery, and billing options.