Venture Studios & Venture Builders

Understanding the Landscape of Firms that Help Corporates Launch Startups


We’re witnessing the rise of the “venture studio” and the “venture builder” — new entities that seek to create startups with corporate partners or on their own. The ones that work with corporate partners bring together entrepreneurs, and the resources those entrepreneurs need, to create new ventures targeting opportunities that those partners have identified, but working outside of the core business.

But it’s a confusing landscape. There are hundreds of organizations of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities around the world that call themselves venture studios, or say that they offer venture building capabilities and services. To complicate matters further, some big companies have even started rebranding their internal corporate innovation labs as “venture studios.” It is a buzzworthy term, to say the least. Our goal is to better detail who some of the key players are; how they interact with corporates; and what sort of ventures they’ve launched.

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Beneath the Buzz: What are Venture Studios and Builders, and How Do They Work with Corporates?
May 4, 2022
A growing number of big company leaders like the idea of hiring a firm like this to help them develop that elusive “next big thing.” But it’s a confusing landscape. There are hundreds of organizations of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities that call themselves venture studios, or say that they…
Master Class: Why Your Corporation Should Be Building New Ventures — And How to Get Your CFO on Board
January 23, 2023
In a recent webcast, Elliott Parker of High Alpha Innovation noted that building new ventures is not always simple — or perfectly convenient. But, for real change and growth, he said, organizations have to be willing to move beyond the status quo. Watch the webcast replay or get the slides…
The Inside Track: How to Build Ventures Successfully
September 16, 2022
This InnoLead webcast replay explores how three leading venture building firms — High Alpha Innovation, Highline Beta, and U+ — work with large corporations. Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation; Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner of Highline Beta; and Sean Sheppard, Managing Director of U+, discuss top corporate venture building…
Start With People: Building Digital Ventures the U+ Way
September 8, 2022
Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner at U+, explains how the firm focuses building its ventures around people, not products. He explains how the firm uses stage-relevant teams to make venture building easier for its clients. Sheppard will also join us for a webcast this fall, as part of our venture studio…
Three Innovation Lessons Learned from Launching Over 100 Digital Ventures
As part of our ongoing venture studios and builders series, Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner of U+, shares lessons he and U+ have learned from building over 100 successful digital ventures. He dives into problem solving, business strategy, and making assumptions.
How U+ Helped Bridgestone Solve a Pandemic-Era Problem
August 17, 2022
U+, a venture builder, helped Bridgestone Corporation to build Firestone Direct, a service that sends a mechanic straight to customers or workplaces. As part of our venture studios series, Sean Sheppard, Managing Director at U+, contributed this case study to show the impact a studio can have on a corporation. 
Building a Startup to Rapidly Solve Difficult Business Problems
September 9, 2022
Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation, shares how the venture studio built amplio, a cloud-based supply chain software that helps leaders detect problems before they occur, with Koch Industries. Parker shares how the process happened, and why building external ventures can be valuable for corporations.
Is Your Corporation Ready to Build Startups?
August 22, 2022
“While external building is increasingly becoming a standard tool in the corporate innovation toolkit, for many organizations, external building is still new,” writes Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation. In this piece, Parker explains the support, access, and strategy corporates need to have in place before they’re ready to…
Mach49 and Schneider Electric: Building a Growth Engine for Clean, Renewable Energy
September 26, 2022
As part of our venture studios and builders initiative, Mach49 shared details of its successful collaborations with Schneider Electric, and the company’s corporate venture fund, SE Ventures. The firm has helped launch and invest in a number of companies focused on sustainability and renewable energy. 
How Corporations Can Innovate at Startup Speed
October 28, 2022
Linda Yates, CEO and Founder of Mach49, shares an excerpt from her upcoming book, The Unicorn Within: How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed. She says, “Here’s the truth. You can succeed against clever new startups and beat them at their own game,” and shares other helpful insights…
Build, Buy, Partner, Invest… Spin-out? How Venture Studios Help Create Portfolios and Optionality
August 2, 2022
As part of our venture studios series, Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at Highline Beta, shared his thoughts on why corporates might partner with a venture studio, the best way to do it, and what sets Highline Beta apart from other venture studios and builders. 
How Highline Beta’s Venture Studio and American Family Built a New Startup Together
July 25, 2022
As part of our exploration of the venture studio landscape, Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner & CEO of Highline Beta, shares the story of a successful partnership between the studio and Fortune 500 insurance company, American Family Insurance.