Master Class: Why Your Corporation Should Be Building New Ventures — And How to Get Your CFO on Board

January 23, 2023

In a recent webcast, Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation, joined InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, Alex Slawsby, to discuss the value in building new ventures for a corporation.

Parker recognized that building new ventures is not always simple — or perfectly convenient. But, for real change and growth, he said, organizations have to be willing to move beyond the status quo.

“There is a required amount of error, of inefficiency, to produce insights,” Parker said. “Startups are optimized for inefficiency and for learning. If you want transformative, market-creating innovation in your organization, you have to be willing to experience inefficiency; there is no other way.”

Throughout the rest of the webcast, Parker explained approaches for venture creation; shared how to help your organization’s CFO see the value in building new ventures; and took audience questions about insights, strategies, best practices, and more.

This webcast is part of our ongoing venture studios initiative. We’re aiming to help our community better understand the landscape of venture studios and venture builders, and to identify how they may create value for corporations.

You can download Parker’s slide deck below.

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