For large organizations, incubating new ventures and participating in venture capital investing can sometimes be viewed as risky. It’s safer, many colleagues will say, to just focus on nurturing today’s core business.

Yet not engaging in these activities may mean missing big opportunities now developing in the marketplace, significant technological shifts, or changes in consumer behavior.

For organizations seeking new drivers of growth, it’s important to look carefully at new venture creation and corporate VC — and consider whether you should be doing either or both. Or, if you’ve got those activities in place today, whether they’re properly structured and resourced.

For this research project, more than 25 corporations in the US and EU spoke to InnoLead or completed our survey to share their advice — and the challenges they face — with new venture creation and corporate venture capital initiatives. Companies featured in the report include Goodyear, BMW, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Prologis, Piaggio Group, CSAA, JLL, and more.

This report was sponsored by KPMG LLP and produced by InnoLead.

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Featured in the Report

Video: What’s Changing in Corporate VC and Internal New Venture Creation?

Thought Leadership
Q&A: The Connections Between Corporate Venturing and Internal Incubation Activity
January 10, 2024
As part of our recent research initiative, “Driving Growth Through New Ventures and Corporate VC,” we put five key questions to Andrew Matuszak, KPMG Managing Director and one of the founders of KPMG Ventures.

Report Sections Include…

  • Why Corporations Invest in New Ventures and Startups
  • How Do Top Corporate Venture Teams Function?
  • Incubating New Ventures Internally
  • The Connections Between Corporate Venturing and Internal Incubation Activity
  • Advice from Peers
  • Case Studies.