Members-Only Web Meetings

We regularly convene IL members for discussions on topics of interest — which members suggest. These meetings take place on Zoom, and they are designed to be candid conversations among peers, as opposed to passive webcasts. If you’re a current IL member and are logged in, you will see a short registration form (or calendar links) beneath the description of each meeting. We always like to hear suggestions for future meeting topics from our members.

For a complete calendar of all of our in-person and online gatherings, please visit our events page.

March 8th: How Will Gen AI Tools Change the Innovation Function?

We’ve been convening a small group of InnoLead members in February and March for a series of Zoom “hands-on experimentation” meetings. There is no sponsor involvement; we’ll be using tools that you (and we) choose.

This members-only series is open to all InnoLead members and partners. If you’re logged in as a member, you will see links below allowing you to add the individual meetings to your calendar.

  • March 8th, 11:00-12:00 PM ET: Meeting #3. Most Useful Tools for Innovators & Effective Prompting. What tools are emerging as the most useful in 2024 for innovation, design, and new ventures professionals, and how do the pros prompt them?

March 21st at 12 PM ET: Does Your Organization Have a Vision for AI?

As organizations rush to experiment with and deploy new AI technologies, most leaders do not have a vision of what they want the “AI-enabled organization” to look like. They’re making progress — but toward what? Join noted author and workshop leader Dave Gray, and InnoLead CEO Scott Kirsner, to get hands-on with a new “vision map” they’ve created to address those questions. Are you involved with shaping what the “post AI” employee and customer experience looks like for your organization?

Be part of our March members’ meeting. This members-only meeting is open to all InnoLead members and partners. If you’re logged in as a member, you will see a registration form below.

* To participate in our members-only meetings, you’ll need an active membership to InnoLead. Contact Scott Cohen with questions.

We don’t typically record our member meetings, but past meeting topics have included:

  • Open Innovation Strategy (Video and notes here)
  • Innovation in the Pharma Industry (Notes here)
  • Emerging Technology Trends in 2024 and Beyond (Notes here)
  • How Will Gen AI Tools Change the Innovation Function? (Video and resources here)
  • How You’re Using or Redesigning Physical Innovation Spaces, and How You’re Creating Persistent Virtual Spaces for Innovation (Notes here)
  • Metrics and Communication (Notes here)
  • The State of Innovation in CPG
  • Driving Results in Nonprofits, Government, and Academia
  • How Can You Get Innovation to Permeate the Organization
  • Navigating a Downturn and Delivering ROI
  • Generating Short-Term Wins to Let You Work on Long-Term Initiatives
  • Building & Sustaining a High-Performance Innovation Team
  • VR and the Metaverse
  • Driving Innovation in Sustainability