Try Out InnoLeadGPT, Our AI Chatbot

June 8, 2023

On this page, you’ll find a chatbot interface to a portion of InnoLead’s content. You can ask it anything related to corporate innovation — and like ChatGPT, you can follow up with instructions on how you’d like it to expand upon or refine its answers. Try “Pretend you are the CEO of my company…” or “How much should I be earning as a VP of innovation at a public company?” (Other suggested questions are below.)

Since this is a beta test, we’d love to hear about your experience using it. We’re currently beta testing this offering only with members of the InnoLead community.

Screenshot of the InnoLeadGPT interface. To use it, you must be logged in as an InnoLead member.

Note: If you get the message, “Oops! We weren’t able to answer this question,” try entering the same question again — you don’t need to wait more than a second or two. And remember, you can ask follow-up questions or for additional information. InnoLeadGPT will share links to source documents that it relied on in formulating its answers.

A few sample questions to get you thinking:

  1. Give me some concrete techniques to build a network of champions at my company.
  2. Can you share data on the innovation incentives most commonly used?
  3. How can I best use AI to drive innovation in my company?
  4. How frequently do innovation teams report out their metrics?
  5. How do I make the case for our physical innovation lab in a world of hybrid work?

You can also include “Please cite data” or “Please cite examples,” and where we’ve got those, InnoLeadGPT will serve them up.

What’s here? Currently, this dataset contains most of our research reports (including data on salaries, innovation challenges and enablers, metrics, sustainability, etc.) It also includes many of our most popular and useful articles, transcripts of podcast episodes, and basic info about all of InnoLead’s strategic partners. It doesn’t include all InnoLead content.

To help us fine tune and improve, please share your thoughts on InnoLeadGPT with us here.