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What NASA has Learned about the Power of the Crowd

Crowdsourcing can help your team discover new ideas. Steve Rader of NASA’s Johnson Space Center will discuss his experience with harnessing the power of the crowd. 

Partnerships at Bayer’s Innovation Center

Dr. Chris Haskell discusses how Bayer partners with startups, academic institutions, and other corporates at the company’s Innovation center.

Overcoming the Challenges of Business Model Innovation

Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas, shares how testing new business models can help companies prepare for the future.

Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation

Rob Martens of security company, Allegion, discussed how his team uses venture capital to balance internal and external innovation. Elliot Parker of venture firm High Alpha also shared his experience.

Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact

In our “Building Idea Challenges that Work” conference call, Kate O’Keeffe, founder of Cisco’s Hyper Innovation Living Lab (CHILL), shares how she built a 48-hour bootcamp with impact.

What NASA has Learned about the Power of the Crowd
Partnerships at Bayer’s Innovation Center
Overcoming the Challenges of Business Model Innovation
Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation
Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact
Your Innovation Questions Answered
September 5, 2018
We had our members ask us anything on their minds. HYPE Innovation’s Jennifer Dunn and Scott Kirsner from InnoLead answered questions.
Henry Chesbrough on Open Innovation
February 20, 2018
Open innovation guru Henry Chesbrough discusses how open innovation is being practiced at companies like Intel, Eli Lilly, Bayer, and United HealthCare.
Building a Culture of Innovation at Turner Classic Movies
January 27, 2018 | By Scott Kirsner
As part of our IL Live series, we spoke with Shannon Clute, Director of Business Development and Strategy at TCM, about the channel’s “bottom-up” innovation strategy.
David Lee on Bringing New Innovation Programs to UPS
January 24, 2018
David Lee, UPS’s Vice President of Innovation, oversees UPS’ corporate investing arm, the Strategic Enterprise Fund. Lee discusses the initiative in this call…
Dennis McGrath on How Starbucks Tests New Ideas in the Real World
July 11, 2017 | By Scott Kirsner
Dennis McGrath of Starbucks discusses how the company developed a new protocol for testing ideas, when to bring in stakeholders, and building a failure-tolerant culture.
Advice from Manulife Exec Jesse Bean on Delivering Impact
July 6, 2017
Jesse Bean of Manulife Financial shares his advice about setting up a network of labs, building support among middle management, and the “DevOps” approach.
Staples CTO on Chatbots, Talent, and a Smarter Easy Button
May 2, 2017 | By Scott Kirsner
Faisal Masud, Staples’ Chief Technology Officer, shares how the company approaches digital innovation. Topics of discussion include  chatbots, recruiting tech talent, and shifts in retail.
Creating Iconic Advantage: Soon Yu Talks Innovation at VF Corp
April 24, 2017 | By Scott Kirsner
Creating an iconic brand requires more than great design. Find out what makes a brand iconic from Soon Yu the former Global VP of Innovation at VF Corporation. 
Getting Buy-In, ‘No Time Syndrome,’ and Premature Scaling
March 24, 2017
Executives from Humana, GE, Intuit discuss why do employees and executives in large organizations resist participating in innovation efforts, and how to solve the problem.