Over the past decade, and the creation of more than 40 research reports like this one, a few things have remained consistent — and consistently frustrating — for people leading innovation teams inside established organizations.

Every organization is its own one-of-kind species, and what works for one may not be applicable to others. 

Each team needs to clearly define the value it plans to deliver, without overreaching.

And a clock is always ticking.

No one said it would be easy working in innovation, or leading an innovation team. We assembled this research report to provide guidance and benchmarking. 

This report is based on a Q2 2024 survey of 100 leaders working in large organizations, as well as qualitative interviews with leaders at organizations such as Airbus, Embraer, GS1 US, NRG Energy, UPS, and Visa. Among the topics it covers:

• AI usage today, and expectations for its impact on innovation activity

• Changes to team size and budgets (past year + looking ahead)

• The biggest pressures on innovation teams

• How teams describe the value they deliver

• How teams are measured — and how metrics have been changing

• Awareness of and implementation of the ISO 56000 standards for innovation management

• And more…

Thanks to HYPE Innovation for its support of this research initiative. HYPE Innovation is a leading provider of software and consulting for innovation management, offering a comprehensive platform for the entire lifecycle of your innovation program.

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