Major changes are rippling through the innovation software landscape in 2024, with industry consolidation among established players and the continued explosion of new generative AI tools and platforms.

To understand how corporate leaders are evaluating their software options — and what that means for software providers — we launched a research initiative called Innovation Software 2024. We fielded a survey in Q1 2024 that collected 101 qualified responses from corporate leaders. This 20-slide deck collects our 2024 survey data, along with insights about what it means for both leaders and providers.

Among the topics it explores:

• Satisfaction levels with innovation management software versus mainstream productivity tools

• How leaders are using new generative AI tools to support innovation activities

• Which generative AI tools the early adopters are using

• Reasons why some organizations choose not to purchase innovation management software

• Funding sources for innovation management software, and how it is rolled out

• And more…

Sample Data

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