Innovation in Sports

How Competition, Business Models, and the Fan Experience are Evolving

Whether you’re a passionate fan of football, hockey, cricket, rugby, or just about any other sport, the way you’ve been experiencing it has likely been changing. Mobile devices, cord-cutting, e-sports, betting, and social media have all been altering the way fans connect with teams — and each other. And all of it is having big impacts on organizations beyond just teams and sports leagues, affecting advertisers, media companies, and tech platforms. To understand the changing field of play, we’ve been interviewing innovators from the world of sports globally.

This series was produced by InnoLead, with support from Innovation Academy by PatSnap.

Exclusive Interview with NASCAR’s Chief Innovation Officer
February 17, 2022 | By Collin Robisheaux
To shed light on how NASCAR stays connected with fans — and how it explores the potential of new technologies — we spoke with Craig Neeb, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer. He says that delivering concrete results requires strong relationships with leadership, openness to the startup world, and an acute…
Video: How eSports and New Licensing Structures are Driving Disruption in Sports
February 9, 2022 | By Alex Slawsby, Collin Robisheaux
Alex Slawsby of InnoLead and Jack Elkins of Sidekick Innovation discuss how “name image likeness” deals and eSports will impact the future of college and pro sports.
Video: How NFTs and Mobile-First Content are Changing the Sports World
February 1, 2022 | By Alex Slawsby, Collin Robisheaux
Alex Slawsby of InnoLead and Jack Elkins of SideKick Innovation sit down to discuss how mobile-first content consumption, online betting, and non-fungible tokens are impacting the world of professional sports.
Leveraging Analytics and Envisioning the Future of VR at the Indianapolis Colts
December 23, 2021 | By Alex Slawsby, Collin Robisheaux
For decades, sports teams have relied on stats to track their performance on the field. Today, a growing number of teams are using more sophisticated data and analytics software to optimize their business performance as well. That includes the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, where Charlie Shin serves as VP of Data…
Venture Capitalist Jasmine Robinson on Sports Trends — at Home and at the Stadium
October 29, 2021 | By Collin Robisheaux
Jasmine Robinson, a Partner at Causeway Media Partners, talks about some of the recent investments her sports-focused venture capital firm has made, and what she sees coming next…