Building a healthy and productive innovation portfolio is not easy: just over half of companies (56 percent) say they have portfolios that are already delivering concrete and quantifiable outcomes.

If you’re working to improve your portfolio, this 38-page collection of data and interviews with corporate leaders can improve your odds of success. 

What innovation methodologies do your peers rely on? How have Horizon 1, 2, and 3 activities been shifting in recent years? How do others overcome organizational obstacles? What are best practices for ensuring healthy innovation portfolios — and proving to the organization at large that your work as an innovator is valuable?

This report addresses those questions — and more — through data from about 75 professionals working in innovation, strategy, and business development roles and insights from interviews with practitioners from Peloton, W.L. Gore, NRG Energy, Electrolux, and more.

This report was sponsored by Sopheon and produced by InnoLead.

Sopheon can deliver a full range of SaaS InnovationOps products and services that empower executives, leaders, and team members to execute the jobs needed to drive innovation at scale in their organizations.


We asked respondents about processes, collaboration, and outcomes for innovation inside their organization. The results are below.

Respondents shared the types of innovation methodologies they most commonly employ inside their organizations, with the majority reporting that they use design thinking and/or agile development.

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Interviews in this series
Peloton’s PMO Head on Supporting the Business’ Goals
July 31, 2023 | By Meghan Hall
Rick Paster, VP of M&A Operations & Head of the PMO at Peloton, shares insights into Peloton’s program management office, the challenges a PMO faces, and best practices to help mitigate those challenges.
What is the ‘Love Metric’? Advocate Health’s VP of Enterprise Innovation Explains
August 7, 2023 | By Hadley Thompson, Meghan Hall
Todd Dunn, VP of Enterprise Innovation for Advocate Health, dives deep on standing up an innovation program while including perspectives from other business units; what he calls the ‘love metric’; and more as part of an interview for our new research report, Building a Productive Portfolio.