What are Inquiry Hours?

If you’re trying to make change happen in a large organization, it’s often hard to find someone who can be an objective sounding board. Colleagues may not have the necessary knowledge, and many are part of the system that’s impeding your progress. Consultants and vendors may not have the right objectivity on certain questions.

The InnoLead team is here for you.

We offer our members “Inquiry Hours” – blocks of time that our members can use to have confidential conversations with the InnoLead senior leadership team (which has more than 30 years of corporate innovation leadership, advisory, and research experience).

  • Innovation should be human. You should have someone to listen to you, and to empathize with the struggles you face as an innovator. We’ve been in your shoes, and we’re here to help. You bring the ideas, the problems, the questions — and we lend an ear. 
  • We support you, as an unbiased party. We have a vested interest in your success, but not in any one initiative. We’re able to offer you our collective expertise, without having allegiance to a specific idea or project inside your organization. 
  • We ask “Why?” questions, which helps us understand your core needs; the problem you are trying to solve; and how you’re looking to do it. Once we have that information, we can help you tell a story — whether internally or externally — and agree on the exact problem that needs solving.
  • We also work as a sounding board by refining your thoughts, helping you consider best practices, and drawing on real-world experiences with innovation and strategy.
  • We have previously helped organizations with customer team briefings and workshops on a range of innovation topics; reviews of work-in-progress presentations; selecting the right consulting partner; and so much more.

If you’re interested to learn more, please reach out: