Innovation Software 2024

For more than two decades, a category of more specialized business application has taken shape: innovation management software. This initiative will address several questions, including:

• What are the merits of using innovation management software versus mainstream productivity applications to manage an innovation portfolio? If you opt to use specialized innovation management software, how do you build the business case?

• How are new AI capabilities changing what both innovation management software and mainstream productivity applications can do?

• How are corporate innovators using the emerging class of “native” generative AI tools as part of their work?

In Q1, we’re running a survey of corporate leaders about their use of software, and will be adding content to this page over the coming months. (Please contact Alex Slawsby if you have ideas or questions about this initiative.)

Video: InnoLead’s Alex Slawsby and Scott Kirsner offer a sneak peek at the survey data. Click the arrows at right to expand the video.

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