Software Provider Profile: HYPE Innovation

June 3, 2024

HYPE Innovation is the all-in-one, end-to-end agile innovation management platform, powered by people and supercharged by AI. Recognized as the Customers’ Choice 2023 by Gartner Peer Insights (that means our customers rated us #1!), we enable some of the world’s biggest brands like ExxonMobil, Toyota, Merck, BMW, Airbus, CVS Health and more to revolutionize the way they approach business transformation and growth. With more than 20 years of specialized expertise up our sleeves, we help over 500 organizations worldwide unlock their full innovative potential across three key dimensions:

  • Adaptive Governance: By aligning strategy with execution, our customers are building repeatable processes that deliver results consistently and at scale.
  • Creative Collaboration: HYPE facilitates value-creation relationships with strategic partners and startups, so our community can better capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • Agile Resilience: With HYPE, innovators are equipped for faster prototyping, iterative development, and effective implementation of promising business concepts.

Whether it’s to spearhead innovation, improve efficiency, or accelerate change, we help organizations establish a systematic approach that propels their best ideas into the groundbreaking realities they were destined to be — over and over again.

We invite you to see our innovation platform in action — and learn about the potential value it could yield for your organization.

HYPE Suite:

HYPE consists of three standalone modules (Innovate, Partnering, Boards) that seamlessly integrate to create the ✨ Smart ✨ Innovation Platform:

HYPE Innovate

HYPE Innovate is the ultimate end-to-end innovation management software that many of our customers typically start with. It empowers every step of the innovation lifecycle from strategic planning to idea generation and project execution.

HYPE Partnering

HYPE Partnering is a single source of truth for partnerships. It enables systematic documentation, scouting, and evaluation of partners, startups, and universities, accelerating value-creation relationships between organizations.

HYPE Boards

HYPE Boards serves as a gateway for orchestrating agile processes at scale. It empowers teams to brainstorm, develop, and experiment with ideas cost-effectively, all while facilitating quick pivots and adjustments for rapid, impactful change across the organization.


Startup Scouting

Find the perfect startups to partner with and gain the upper hand on your competition.

Tech Scouting

Scan the horizon for disruptive technologies that future-proof your organization.

Trend Management

Systematically identify market trends to improve your strategic outcomes.

Open Innovation

Collaborate with partners to accelerate projects without disrupting core activities.

Continuous Improvement

Realize incremental improvements in key business areas on an ongoing basis.

Employee Engagement

Cultivate a culture of innovation where every employee is empowered to go the extra mile.

Innovation Portfolio Management

Use Strategic Innovation Areas to focus efforts and track the progress and value of your innovation projects.

CEO Q&A: Frank Henningsen

What innovation activities does your solution seek to support?

Frank Henningsen, CEO, HYPE Innovation

At HYPE, we’re about bringing agile innovation to every corner of an organization. Our suite of solutions is designed to support a wide range of innovation activities aligned with key strategic objectives, from microinnovations within individual business units to enterprise-wide campaigns requiring collaboration with partners.

Whether it’s driving incremental improvements or large-scale transformations, we provide AI-powered tools and purpose-built processes to support every step of the innovation lifecycle. It’s about making innovation an everyday reality, not just a series of one-off projects.

What are the outcomes you seek to help your customers achieve?

Our main goal is to turn organizations into innovation powerhouses. We want our clients to see tangible improvements in operational efficiency and strategic innovation that really push their competitive edge forward.

Specifically, our clients are realizing a variety of outcomes — everything from creating and improving products, processes, and business models, to reducing costs, to tackling sustainability challenges and accelerating change initiatives. Imagine enhancing your market presence so significantly that you set the trends rather than follow them. That’s what we’re aiming for—helping our clients achieve growth that’s both impactful and lasting.

Are there one or two case studies you like to talk about, in terms of how customers use it?

One noteworthy case study of our solution in action comes from Fujitsu. Aiming to innovate with its customers, they implemented our platform to create “Activ8,” a service for collaborative ideation and problem-solving. With our support, Fujitsu generated over $30 million in direct revenue and achieved a 10x ROI, demonstrating the effectiveness of customer-centric innovation facilitated by our solution.

Another compelling case study comes from Liberty Global, a major player in the telecommunications industry. Facing alignment challenges, they revamped their innovation program with our platform, Spark 2.0, which reached over 27,000 employees and generated over 16,000 ideas. More than 1,100 of these ideas were implemented, resulting in a realized ROI of nearly $20 million in five years, highlighting the impact of our solution in fostering cross-functional collaboration.

How are you leveraging / will you leverage generative AI in your solution? How do you see that as being important going forward?

Generative AI is a game changer, and we’re embedding it deeply into our platform. It’s all about supercharging the innovation process—improving how ideas are generated, refined, and executed. What really sets HYPE apart is our integration of GenAI with proprietary machine learning capabilities, which leverages more than 20 years of industry data and knowledge.

One of my favorite AI features for example is the Innovation Graph, which enables users to quickly analyze vast amounts of data and extract in-depth insights more efficiently for more informed decision-making. Our AI Coach is another favorite of mine. As its name suggests, this feature coaches employees to become better innovators, improving idea submission quality with real-time feedback.

As the business landscape gets more complex, being able to rapidly adapt and innovate with AI’s help is not just nice, it’s essential.

How do you see corporate innovation changing in 2024 and beyond? What are some of the new expectations and new pressures?

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, I see corporate innovation becoming even more dynamic and integrated. The days of siloed R&D are fading, making way for an era where innovation permeates every aspect of an organization. We’re going to face pressures to not only innovate faster but also in ways that are more connected and responsive to emerging challenges. It’s about being agile enough to pivot quickly but also having the strategic foresight to anticipate and shape future trends.

And, amid these shifts, we’ll see the rise of autonomous innovation—a huge shift from traditional R&D. In this new landscape, employees at all levels will collaborate to move the business forward with shared objectives. Here, AI will extend beyond optimizing routine and complex tasks across the innovation lifecycle. More significantly, artificial intelligence will enhance research and analysis, enabling more strategic and visionary decisions than ever before, while also guiding creative concept development for more meaningful business value.