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Move Fast and Fix Things: Innovation on Purpose
March 28, 2023
Watch the replay of our recent webcast with Kes Sampanthar, Managing Director of BCG BrightHouse. Sampanthar shared why organizations should be integrating purpose at a deep level, discussed emerging technologies and their impacts on business, and more.
Building the Business Case as You Design the Value Prop
March 13, 2023
Watch the replay of our webcast with EPAM Continuum’s Toby Bottorf. Bottorf shared insights on building better business cases, and on internal priority-setting for better alignment.
Master Class: Fresh Benchmarking Data on Corporate Innovation
February 21, 2023
Hour-long webcast replay that explores data highlights from the research report Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2023, including data on team size, budget expectations, and innovation challenges.
Master Class: Why Your Corporation Should Be Building New Ventures — And How to Get Your CFO on Board
January 23, 2023
In a recent webcast, Elliott Parker of High Alpha Innovation noted that building new ventures is not always simple — or perfectly convenient. But, for real change and growth, he said, organizations have to be willing to move beyond the status quo. Watch the webcast replay or get the slides…
Master Class: Linda Yates on Setting Up a Venture Factory
November 18, 2022
Linda Yates, CEO and Founder of Mach49, joined us for a Master Class on building a venture factory inside a large organization. She discussed the factors that go into that process, took audience questions, and shared valuable insights from her book, The Unicorn Within.
Preparing Your Organization for Breakthrough Venture Building
October 13, 2022
In our recent webcast, we had the chance to hear from Sean Sheppard, Managing Partner at U+, and Martin Tarlie, a Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at GMO, a Boston-based investment firm. Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, moderated.
Master Class: Get Your Company Out of the Innovation Comfort Zone
September 22, 2022
David Matheson, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartOrg, shared a strategy to help innovators move their priorities from what he calls “the Comfort Zone” into “the Discovery Zone.” This interactive Master Class gave participants a glimpse into a new metrics system to help them score and rank innovation issues within their…
The Inside Track: How to Build Ventures Successfully
September 16, 2022
This InnoLead webcast replay explores how three leading venture building firms — High Alpha Innovation, Highline Beta, and U+ — work with large corporations. Elliott Parker, CEO of High Alpha Innovation; Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner of Highline Beta; and Sean Sheppard, Managing Director of U+, discuss top corporate venture building…
Visioning an Emerging Tech Landscape in the Metaverse
August 12, 2022
In our recent online workshop, Elisa Holland and David Pessah of KPMG LLP discuss metaverse strategies, and how you can create common language and understanding around the metaverse. Watch the replay for their insights.