How to Increase Breakthrough Results Using Cognitive Diversity

June 16, 2023

In our recent webcast, Jeremy Brown, CEO of Sense Worldwide; Adam Kitt, R&D Manager at Sense Worldwide; and Ed Essey, Director of Business Value at Microsoft Garage, discussed how cognitive diversity can improve innovation outcomes inside large organizations. Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, moderated the conversation.

“[Cognitive diversity] is how we’re going to accelerate innovation, and hopefully develop ideas that are going to change the world that we are living in, for the better,” Brown said.

During the webcast, Brown and Kitt gave insights on how to create the right dynamic around cognitive diversity; spoke about the ways that cognitive diversity can manifest itself and benefit teams; and shared thoughts on specific outcomes organizations can achieve by tackling complex problems with a diverse approach. Essey spoke about the ways that cognitive diversity has impacted Microsoft Garage’s hackathon initiative.

Learn more about cognitive diversity with Sense Worldwide’s ebook.

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