As AI becomes a top priority in many companies, how is that impacting innovation work?

Over the course of 2023, we conducted several surveys with input from our partners at Planbox, and also built a “risk assessment” questionnaire for corporate innovation teams. Over the course of the year, these collected 240 qualified responses. This 50-page PDF report features the best of that data, along with seven interviews we conducted in January 2024 to gather perspectives from individual leaders about how their work was changing; how they were exploring or using new AI tools; and their advice for others.

Thanks to Planbox for their support of this research initiative. Planbox provides the most comprehensive AI-powered innovation management platform for building a sustainable culure of collaboration with your innovation ecosystem.

Thought Leadership
Future-Fit Frontier: A Guide to Unlocking Transformative Innovation
February 6, 2024 | By Ludwig Melik, Planbox
With the emergence of AI, there’s a heightened urgency to broaden your innovation horizon and allocate dedicated efforts toward transforming the business, rather than solely maintaining its current operations, writes Ludwig Melik of Planbox.

Sample Data: AI Responsibility & Budgets

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