How much should you be earning? How much are your peers earning? How should you determine compensation packages for new members of your team? 

This compensation survey dives into those questions, and a number of others, to help you compare your earnings — both salary and bonus — to others around the world. We asked professionals with innovation-oriented roles about their salaries and bonuses, and also inquired about things like: 

  • How bonuses are set
  • What kind of factors keep employees in their current organizations
  • How much respondents were able to spend on professional development last year
  • How respondents determine compensation for new roles on their teams.

We fielded this survey in Q4 2022, and we received just over 200 qualified responses from professionals in innovation, strategy, and digital roles. We fielded a similar survey in 2019, so we also provided some comparative data points in this report. 

We also created two interactive Tableau dashboards that let you filter the data based on industry, region, seniority level, and size of company. Members can try them out below.

This report was sponsored by InnovationCast and produced by InnoLead.

Want to learn about how to use our interactive Tableau dashboards, available to InnoLead members below? Check out this video.

Interactive Tableau Dashboards

We created two interactive Tableau dashboards for you and your team to use as a resource. You can benchmark yourself against others in similar roles, use the dashboards to help set compensation packages for new roles on your team, and much more. If you’d like to learn how to use the dashboards, please view the video above.

Tableau dashboards by Maggie Hines (Hodorowicz).

Sample Data