If you’re doing innovation-related work in a large organization, how much should you be earning? And if you’re adding new positions to your team, what should their compensation packages look like?

Those are the central questions of our 2019 compensation survey. We fielded this survey in Q3 2019, and received 175 qualified responses from professionals in innovation-related roles.  

The largest respondent segment (56 percent) described their function as innovation, but ten percent described it as research and development, and nine percent as strategy. In terms of seniority, the biggest segment our respondents (40 percent) described their seniority in the organization as director-level; 24 percent were at the manager level; twelve percent SVP or C-level; and eleven percent VP. Two-thirds of the survey respondents are based in North America; nine percent in Europe; four percent South America; and 20 percent other parts of the world.

Other topics covered in the report include:

  • How bonus and incentive plans are structured 
  • How salaries in various types of organizations (nonprofits, private companies, public companies) differ 
  • Who in the organization innovators are most likely to report to 
  • How comp packages are different in North America versus other parts of the world 
  • Who the top earners are.  

Sample Data

Is your compensation tied to performance? 


Table of Contents

Introduction & About the Data 2

Average Salary and Target Bonus in Different Departments 4

Average Salary Based on Location 5

Average Salary Based on Type of Organization and Size 5

Is Compensation Tied to Performance? 7

Comments on How Bonuses & Incentives are Structured 7

Average Salary Based on Reporting Relationship 9

Top Earners 9

Determining Compensation for New Roles 10


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