IL Members-Only Slack Channel

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Our Slack channel is exclusively for IL members, partners, editorial advisory board members, and IL staff. The focus is on innovation, R&D, strategy, emerging technology, and transformation. (But the occasional Netflix recommendation or question about an upcoming vacation destination is OK, too.)

This Slack channel extends our community even further — giving our members the opportunity to get questions answered, feel more engaged in a community of peers, solve problems collaboratively, and share resources and reading material. There’s also a feed of all the new content that is published on InnoLead’s website. In addition, it’s a way of keeping our team connected to your needs and questions, and sharing our research initiatives and surveys, often as they’re being developed or before they’re publicly launched.

Have an innovation question you need answered ASAP? Have you read something that others might enjoy knowing about? Then don’t hesitate to sign up! You can access the Slack channel through any web browser, or the Slack app on your mobile device. You don’t need to use your full name when you create your Slack account, and you don’t need to disclose your company if you prefer not to.

Our Slack channel is open to all current members of InnoLead. Find out about membership options here.