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On Breakthrough Innovation:

New thought leadership from our partner Kalypso argues "failure is the ONLY option."
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Boston Field Study, Oct. 21-22

Visit the innovation labs of CVS, iRobot, Microsoft Research, and others!
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Benchmarking 2015

Do you need data to help justify, shape, and upgrade your innovation program?
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Where should we start with our innovation training initiatives?

Our latest subscriber question: "We’re in the process of starting an educational / training initiative around innovation, and could use some guidance on where to start. Is there a typical starting point for these programs?"

Maggie Pfeifer of Eureka! Ranch serves up an answer


How Canada’s biggest bank hit the accelerator on mobile payments

Staying ahead of a technological shift in your industry can be tough when you’re not a tech leader like Google or Apple. Should you marshal the internal resources necessary to do cutting-edge development on your own, or simply wait for one of the tech giants to make their move, join them as a partner — and risk letting them come between you and your customers?

Here's how Linda Mantia of Royal Bank of Canada tackled that question


What $41 billion Manulife’s senior tech execs want from new LOFT initiative

Executives at Manulife Financial knew they needed to play more offense when it came to exploring and experimenting with new technologies. So to speed up the company’s tech metabolism, Manulife last month launched the Lab of Forward Thinking, or LOFT. The Loft’s mission is “to figure out which [technologies] we should latch on to," using lean startup and other methodologies. The Loft has 15 employees. Here's how the team came together and what it’s working on

Hershey’s Column

Moving beyond innovation as buzzword

Disruptive innovation. Breakthrough innovation. Transformational innovation. How many times did you say or hear these phrases today? Those three terms are often used interchangeably to describe anything more than a line extension, a new package, a tweak to a store format, or some other type of incremental improvement. But they're not the same thing, says Erick Falck of The Hershey Company. And our business results likely depend on how we define the innovation we’re trying to pursue. Guest column includes a chart outlining differences and challenges


October Field Study is filling up fast!

Our Field Study returns to Boston, October 21-22, for two days of exclusive site visits and discussions! As usual, the event will be limited to 40 innovation executives; no vendors, consultants, keynotes, PowerPoints, or exhibitors.

Among the field sites are the CVS Digitial Innovation Lab, Microsoft Research, and iRobot, where you'll get hands-on demos of the latest robotic home appliances, bots for police and the military, and mobile video-conferencing systems (like the Ava® 500, holding court in photo at left).

Learn more and register here


Webinar: A Data-Driven Approach to Building Your Innovation Program

“Is my innovation program getting the funding it needs to succeed?” “Is my leadership team measuring the things that truly matter?” “Do we kill unpromising projects more slowly than our competitors?” If you’re a corporate innovator, you’re probably asking these questions, and hungry for the kind of real data and insights that come only from your innovation peers. Join Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner and Innosight’s Robyn Bolton for an exclusive webinar exploring the results of our recently released 2015 Innovation Benchmarking Report — and what they mean for you.

Register for the Sept. 17 Webinar | Download the 40-page Benchmarking Report
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