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Home Depot

Inside Home Depot’s new innovation lab at Georgia Tech

The $82 billion home improvement retailer opened the new site in January. One goal is to connect with students at Georgia Tech, but Home Depot exec Martin Key says they're also exploring technologies that could impact the way people shop and the way store associates work. Includes videos.
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Steve Blank

Steve Blank: Are you having impact,
or performing ‘innovation theater’?

Our conversation with "lean startup" proponent Steve Blank focused on several elements necessary to take pilot experiments and turn them into significant new products — including supportive management teams, proper metrics, and sufficient funding. Without those, Blank says, many innovation teams will simply be performing "innovation theater."

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NY Field Study

Il Live Big Item

Join our live call with Graham Milner, EVP of Global Innovation, WD-40

Our next edition of “Innovation Leader Live,” our regular call-in show with innovation executives, will take place Wednesday, May 6th at 3:00 p.m. EST, featuring Graham Milner, EVP of Global Innovation, WD-40. Register for the May 6th conference call ▸▸

Prior call: Allstate exec on strategic alignment, metrics, innovation team survival.

First Item

New Q&A Feature

Need a little guidance on a current challenge? Just drop us an e-mail with your anonymous question, and we'll work to get you a quick, helpful answer in our new Q&A series. First up: "We’ve been working to instill a culture of risk-taking and innovation, and are butting up against employee engagement issues ... Any principles you can share on ‘what works?’"
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Second Item

Special Section: Untangling Innovation Metrics

Measuring innovation progress has come up in virtually every Innovation Leader interview, conversation, and Field Study gathering we’ve had. This special section, including new survey data, captures what we’ve learned so far.
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Third Item

How Companies Address the Disruption Challenge

How are Netflix, GE, and others addressing disruption? Download this 32-page white paper from Innovation Leader partner Hype Innovation, which looks at the characteristics of disruption, and the dialogue needed to address it.
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