Assessment: Does Your Organization Value Ideas?

By Scott Kirsner |  January 3, 2023

Plenty of companies run employee idea competitions, or deploy software for idea management. But do they know what to do with the ideas they’re generating?

This short assessment was designed to help leaders understand how effectively their organization collects, assesses, and manages ideas from the employee base. We use the term “ideas” in an all-inclusive way: they could relate to process improvements, enhancements to existing products, or entirely new offerings. 

This assessment was created in collaboration with Doug Williams, a former Director at Lumevity and Planview, and a former analyst who helped launch Forrester Research’s open innovation research. You’ll get an instant score at the conclusion. There are 18 questions. Please use the scroll bar at right to see all the questions.


Featured image by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash