In Q3 2023, we interviewed leaders at 10 global consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to understand the state of innovation in their organizations. These included a wide range of companies, from makers of household cleaning products to personal care, candy and snack foods to alcoholic beverages. To enable our interviewees to speak candidly, we left their companies unnamed in this report.

We were specifically interested in the extent to which they pursue organic venture building and capability / business model innovation, in addition to their standard commitments to line extensions, new packaging and features, and acquisition-driven growth.

Among the questions we explored:

  • What types of innovation do they pursue and why?
  • How do they organize to innovate and who does it?
  • What do they do?
  • How do they measure progress?
  • What shared terminology do they use in talking about innovation?
  • What’s centralized and what is distributed to brands or business units?
  • How does the hand-off for scale-up and launch work?
  • What outside agencies have they leveraged?
  • What outcomes do they achieve?
  • How are they exploring the potential of Generative AI?

Members have access to an overview PowerPoint slide deck synthesizing our findings, as well as an Excel spreadsheet with more granular information from interviewees. They’re both included in the .zip file below.