How are large companies doing the work of scouting in 2023? What’s their advice about getting the right resources — and building the right relationships so you can take advantage of what you find?

If you’re working to improve scouting activity, you’ll want access to this new dataset.

We define scouting as the work of identifying new, external partners (e.g., startups, academia, other non-profit or for-profit organizations) or new, external solutions (e.g., technologies, products / services, IP) that might create value for your organization.

Two big dynamics showed up in this survey, which collected data from more than 75 professionals working in innovation, strategy, and R&D roles in large organizations globally. One is the focus on AI, automation, and data science as key areas for scouting in 2023 — especially related to the potential to reduce costs and create new operational efficiencies. The second is the important of good communication and relationships with leaders in the business units and functions whose support will be necessary when it’s time to deploy.

The full 41-page PDF report is now available to InnoLead members.

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