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We regularly host live conference calls and webcasts for our members on topics of interest. You can email us to suggest a topic.

Three Things Companies Can Do to Win with Generative AI in 2024
November 20, 2023
This November 2023 webcast replay covers what companies should be doing with regard to generative AI. Presenter Elliott Parker of High Alpha Innovation called generative AI a “clasically disruptive technology” — something that makes things that were previously difficult or expensive accessible to the masses. “It’s going to create massive opportunities,”…
Innovation Metrics: What You Measure is What You Get
October 13, 2023
This October 2023 webcast replay covers what people are currently getting wrong when it comes to innovation metrics, how to put it right (including how best to answer that thorny ROI question), and why innovation data you can trust is so critical in today’s dynamic business environment.
How Generative AI is Transforming the Innovation Process
October 4, 2023
Watch as Sean Sheppard and Jan Beranek of U+ discuss use cases for generative AI in innovation process; share insights on the prompt to give you better productivity; and more.
Stop Generating Ideas, Start Generating Growth
September 15, 2023
Watch as Paul Heller and Mike Bauer of Sopheon discuss why the importance of a proper innovation management strategy could lead to better growth in our recent webcast.
Building a Customer-Centric Organization
August 28, 2023
Tune in to see Tony Ulwick, Founder of Strategyn, and Dominick Bizzarro, Chief Growth Officer of MVP Health Care, share why your organization may not be as customer centric as you think — and how to create value that matters to your customers.
Placing Bets Without Burning Bridges
August 16, 2023
David Matheson of SmartOrg and Udi Chatow of Applied Materials explain the sure-fire ways innovators can get better internal buy-in for transformational initiatives in a recent webcast.
Disrupting a Billion-Dollar Business from the Inside
August 2, 2023
Watch as Kathryn Scheckel of Hines Global Ventures and Mark Simoncelli of Mach49 discuss the process of building new ventures; address the challenges associated with that; and consider customer-centricity as they navigate building new ventures.
An Innovator’s Checklist for Success
July 5, 2023
Watch a replay of our recent webcast, where Marianna Canino of Wazoku gave insights on the importance of diverse thought, shared insights on measurement and metrics, and outlined innovation methodologies to help teams reach success.
How to Increase Breakthrough Results Using Cognitive Diversity
June 16, 2023
Jeremy Brown, CEO of Sense Worldwide, Adam Kitt, R&D Manager at Sense Worldwide, and Ed Essey, Director of Business Value at Microsoft Garage, share the importance of cognitive diversity for breakthrough innovation in our recent webcast.