Innovation Showcase Replay — September 2021

September 21, 2021

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Innovation Showcase 2021 Participants 

Software providers

  • Wazoku (0:34) — Wazoku is a leading SaaS provider of AI-enabled Idea Management and Open Innovation software and services. Their platform enables global organizations to run challenge-driven innovation campaigns at a team- and company-level internally and/or externally.
  • SwitchPitch (6:57) — From identifying startups to relationship management, SwitchPitch Startup Relationship Management gets innovation teams to ROI outcomes quickly and efficiently.
  • Startgrid (14:40) — Startgrid is an innovation platform helping companies make their external innovation efforts more successful. From tracking business needs to scouting startups to discovering the best solutions, Startgrid makes it easy for teams to solve problems, share intelligence, and measure the impact of their efforts on the business.
  • Planbox (21:02) — Planbox is a pioneering provider of AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management software and services. An AI engine mines your data for insights while your community collaborates to discover, develop, and capitalize on the best ideas from employees, customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • KITE (27:28) — The KITE Ecosystem Knowledge Management platform allows you to aggregate, organize and share data from all your trusted sources.
  • InnovationCast (33:45) — InnovationCast sets up all the building blocks you need to make innovation happen: capturing, assessing, testing, developing, and implementing ideas. All supported by an end-to-end, award-winning digital platform.
  • Ideawake (39:26) — Ideawake’s Idea Management software allows you to expand the possibilities of innovation crowdsourcing with our easy-to-use platform.
  • Ezassi (45:08) — More than idea management software. Scout technology, disrupt innovation and manage ideation smarter. Built to accelerate innovation.
  • edison365 (51:06) — edison365 empowers organizations to build engaging, business-driven processes that take ideas from the drawing board to the balance sheet. Leverage existing investments in Microsoft 365 and crowdsource solutions, justify their implementation, and gain a transparent view of your entire portfolio.

Services and solutions providers

  • PARK & Grow (58:12) — PARK consults on design strategies, design organisation, design processes & tools, and design culture. Grow helps you grow design pros from all industries into expert design managers, ready to lead design.
  • MIT Industrial Liaison Program & MIT Startup Exchange (1:04:28) — MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) is industry’s most comprehensive portal to MIT, enabling companies worldwide to harness MIT resources to address current challenges and to anticipate future needs. MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry, principally members of the Industrial Liaison Program.
  • Hackworks (1:11:51) — We leverage open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation techniques to deliver on real business objectives. Our hackathons, challenges, sprints and workshops build innovation skills, engage participants, connect communities, and surface solutions.

All of the firms in this webcast are part of InnoLead’s Partner program. More info here.