Centers of Excellence: How Companies Like LEGO, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bang & Olufsen Innovate

March 24, 2022

In our “Centers of Excellence” Master Class, Jay Peters sets out to help you (re)build and supercharge your innovation engine to continuously develop and deliver innovation from within your organization.

During the Master Class, Peters covers:

  • How world-leading companies approach, develop, implement, and continuously refine innovative practices
  • Frameworks and tools that help to best lead and manage innovation across strategic, tactical, and operational levels
  • How design plays a key critical role in advancing the innovation agenda, and how design thinking helps to create a culture of creative problem solvers
  • The key performance indicators (KPIs) and characteristics of innovation programs, and how they deliver value across the triple bottom line
  • How you can better/best position your approach and operations in advancing innovation and delivering world-class products and experiences.

Peters is Managing Director of PARK USA, a world-leading design and innovation management consulting firm, and Managing Director of Grow USA, a top professional education provider in design management and design leadership. The slides Peters showed during the webcast are available below in PDF form. 

10 Success Factors of Driving Innovation

Peters, in conjunction with PARK USA, has created “a list of things we feel are imperative to really commercialize true innovation to the market,” in his words.

  • Having an innovation model
  • Having true front-end processes that drive exploration, discovery, and new opportunities
  • Ingrained design thinking 
  • Continuous planning on multiple horizons
  • Multi-functional teams 
  • Identifying time-frames for development and launch
  • Risk management
  • Developing future competencies
  • Becoming more purpose-driven
  • Being creative & disciplined.

To hear more about the PARKS’s success factors behind innovation, and to learn more about centers of excellence, watch the replay above.

(Featured image by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash.)