Converting Ideas into Realized Value at Cisco

February 24, 2022

In our “Converting Ideas into Realized Value at Cisco” Master Class, Artem Ignatenko and Tad Haas discuss Cisco’s journey of establishing an “assembly line for innovation delivery,” creating one seamless and holistic process for converting successful ideas into business value. 

During the Master Class, Ignatenko and Haas discussed…

  • How Cisco has moved from a disconnected innovation pipeline to a unified process, with complete visibility from the idea stage to business case creation and project delivery. 

  • How business cases that were previously difficult to standardize are now easy to manage and customize to each team’s ways of working. 

  • How Cisco is accelerating adoption from senior stakeholders by utilizing analytics. 

  • The benefits of gamification and connecting the innovation process to your recognition program. 

  • Why Cisco chose edison365 to support their end-to-end innovation and delivery process.

Ignatenko has spent 15 years at Cisco and pioneered the company’s customer-centric innovation model. Haas, who moderated this conversation, has spent over three years in his role at edison365.

The slides shown are available below in PDF form. Here are some key takeaways:

Creating an “Innovation Assembly Line”

The innovation assembly line at Cisco describes the “entry and exit points of innovation,” and can be described in five broad steps:

  1. Submission
  2. Assessment
  3. Feasibility
  4. Qualification
  5. Scale

According to Ignatenko, encouraging innovators to submit ideas without demonstrating or revealing these ideas in an outside setting was a challenge. “We didn’t want someone to look at the idea or criticize it, for instance, or provide any feedback before the team decides they are fully ready to expose the idea.”

After an innovation idea is submitted, thought out, and developed by an innovation team, it reaches the assessment stage of the assembly line. According to Ignatenko, the purpose of this stage is to get many sets of experienced eyes on an idea. “We believe as more eyes look at an idea, there is a smaller probability that this idea may be duplicative… or that the solution might be proved somewhere and we already know it.”

To learn more about the remaining steps, the strategies used at Cisco, the benefits of edison365, and the process for getting tangible business value from ideas, watch the full Master Class above!

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