Visioning an Emerging Tech Landscape in the Metaverse

August 12, 2022

We recently hosted an online workshop with Elisa Holland, Managing Director of Innovation Labs at KPMG LLP, and David Pessah, Senior Director of Innovation Lab at KPMG LLP, focused on providing an overview of how large companies might enter the metaverse. Holland and Pessah covered what the metaverse is and does; how to develop common language around metaverse technologies; and strategies for incorporating the technologies into participants’ organizations. InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, Alex Slawsby, hosted.


“Before you can really define your metaverse strategy, you want to make sure it fits within your broader corporate strategy,” Holland said in the webinar. 


Our recent research report, “Shaping Your Strategy for Web3 and the Metaverse,” sponsored by KPMG LLP, serves up further insights about the technologies, shares examples of how large organizations are experimenting, and discusses key challenges.