Master Class: Linda Yates on Setting Up a Venture Factory

November 18, 2022

In our recent webcast, Linda Yates, CEO and founder of Mach49, joined InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, Alex Slawsby, to discuss why internal venture-building capabilities can be vital and profitable for large organizations.

Yates, who is also the author of the new book, The Unicorn Within, walked attendees through different considerations leaders must address in the process of building an internal venture factory. She also discussed how that venture factory can fit into the mothership, and touched on how to report progress back to that mothership.

She asserted that there’s no reason corporations — or “dinosaurs” — can’t be as agile as startups — or “unicorns.”

“We believe that the ‘dinosaurs’ can beat the startups at their own game. Think about it. You guys have talent, ideas, brand, resources, capital, technology; you have customers. And all of those things — come together — can be synthesized inside of a venture factory. There’s no reason large companies cannot drive meaningful growth,” Yates said.

This webcast is part of our ongoing venture studios initiative. We’re aiming to help our community better understand the landscape of venture studios and venture builders, and to identify how they may prove valuable for many organizations.

Download Yates’ slide deck below.

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