Move Fast and Fix Things: Innovation on Purpose

March 28, 2023

In our recent webcast, Kes Sampanthar, Managing Director of BCG BrightHouse, dicussed the concept of purpose, or the “why” behind what an organization does — and outlined strategies for how it can be operationalized inside large organizations. Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, moderated the conversation.

“[Purpose] has to energize and elevate people; it has to be that rallying cry; it has to really tap into what we call universal human needs, and bring that unique nature of our organization. And lastly, most importantly, from a strategy perspective, from a culture perspective, from a branding perspective, it has to align and clarify,” Sampanthar said. “Your purpose is the ‘why.'”

Throughout the rest of the webcast, Sampanthar shared ways to put purpose into practice; spoke about embedding purpose deep into an organization’s values and processes, rather than just integrating it at a surface level; and gave insights about emerging technologies, including generative AI.

You can download Sampanthar’s slides below.

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