How Generative AI is Transforming the Innovation Process

October 4, 2023

In our recent webcast, Jan Beranek and Sean Sheppard of U+ discussed the use cases of generative AI for innovation processes. Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, moderated the discussion.

During the webcast, Beranek showed users a prompt to use on platforms like ChatGPT or Bing to improve the outputs from the large language models. The prompt is as follows: “You are an expert in [SUBJECT], and you have been doing this for the past 20 years. Your task is now to [TASK]. Before doing this task, you MUST ALWAYS ask questions to understand the context and the details required to perform your task with the highest quality output. Understood?”

In a poll of the audience, Beranek asked whether participants were already exploring AI use cases related to innovation. Eighty-seven percent of participants said they were, and just 13 percent said they were not.

Sheppard answered audience questions about who should be involved in AI adaptation in organizations, shared what their newly launched platform, U+AI can do relative to ideation and validation of new ventures, and discussed how AI could shave months off of processes for venture building.

You can download Beranek and Sheppard’s slides below.

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