Building a Customer-Centric Organization

August 28, 2023

Many leaders think their organizations are customer-centered, but few are correct. During our recent webcast, Tony Ulwick, Founder of Strategyn, and Dominick Bizzarro, Chief Growth Officer of MVP Health Care, joined Alex Slawsby, InnoLead’s Chief Growth Officer, to discuss why this is the case.

Ulwick explained to the audience that truly customer centric organizations do things like deeply understand their customers’ unmet needs and align their internal functions (and the solutions they create) with those customers’ priorities, while also ensuring they continuously evolve to create the value that matters most to those customers.

During the webcast, Ulwick polled participants to determine whether they felt their organizations were customer centric. At the beginning of the webcast, 76% of respondents said their organization was customer centric. But by the end, when Ulwick polled the audience again, that number had dropped to 44% of respondents saying their organization was customer centric.

So, is your organization truly customer-centric? Find out from Ulwick — and hear how Bizzarro made MVP Health Care customer-centric — in the replay.

You can download Ulwick and Bizzarro’s slides below.

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