Master Class: Get Your Company Out of the Innovation Comfort Zone

September 22, 2022

In this interactive Master Class, we hosted David Matheson, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartOrg, a capability-building firm that provides software and consulting services. Matheson shared his best tricks for moving beyond the innovatoin comfort zone. He said that often, innovators get stuck working on issues that don’t actually need attention, just because they’re comfortable for the organization. In reality, though, working on more complex issues can provide greater value to an organization.

Matheson showed participants how to identify linear and non-linear issues to help them move from what he calls “the Comfort Zone” into “the Discovery Zone,” where he believes true innovation can happen. Through a case study of a Hewlett-Packard photo printing kiosk, and a variety of hands-on grids, Matheson showed how to spend more time in the Discovery Zone. 

You can download his slide deck, shown in the replay, below. 

Contact Matheson at for more information about the Innovation Navigator trial he explained in the Master Class. 

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