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We regularly host live conference calls and webcasts for our members on topics of interest. You can email us to suggest a topic.

Our Next Webcast


The Inside Track: How to Build Ventures Successfully

We’ll be hosting a live webcast on Sept 13th with leaders from three major venture studios — Highline Beta, U+, and High Alpha Innovation — to discuss building new ventures. The leaders will discuss their firms’ approaches to building ventures, what makes a successful venture, and more. 

More Upcoming Webcasts & Live Calls


Master Class: Get Out of Your Innovation Comfort Zone

Just because something is comfortable for your organization doesn’t mean it’s what you should be focusing on. Innovators need to answer uncomfortable questions for their organizations. Join us for an in-depth discussion about innovating outside of your organization’s comfort zone on September 21st.

On Demand Webcasts & Live Calls

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    Visioning an Emerging Tech Landscape in the Metaverse


    In our recent online workshop, Elisa Holland and David Pessah of KPMG LLP discuss metaverse strategies, and how you can create common language and understanding around the metaverse. Watch the replay for their insights. 

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    Bridgestone and OSF Healthcare Discuss Partnering with Venture Studios


    In our recent webcast on venture studios, Bryan Smith, Director of Product, Mobility Solutions at Bridgestone, and Brent Cross, Director of Transformational Innovation and Commercialization at OSF Healthcare, discussed their own experiences partnering with venture studios. This webinar is part of ongoing venture studio series, geared at helping the IL communtiy better understand what venture studios are and how they work. 

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    What It Takes to Build a Successful New Venture


    Building and launching new ventures inside large organizations is no easy task. In this Master Class replay, Sean Sheppard of U+ unpacks the most powerful lessons and insights that he has gained after over 20 years of experience bringing new products to market. 

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    Ideas Aren’t Enough. What’s Your Innovation ROI?


    In this Master Class replay, Suzan Briganti and Mary Ann Bianco of Swarm Vision discuss the importance of delivering measurable results through innovation and examine the mindsets of consistently successful innovators around the world. 

  • lego-pilot

    Centers of Excellence: How Companies Like LEGO, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bang & Olufsen Innovate


    In this Master Class replay, Jay Peters discusses the success factors that drive innovation; examined the keys to creating a “center of excellence”; and highlighted lessons from companies such as Lego, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. 

  • ideas-into-value

    Converting Ideas into Realized Value at Cisco


    In this Master Class, Artem Ignatenko and Tad Haas discuss Cisco’s journey of establishing an “assembly line for innovation delivery,” creating one seamless and holistic process for converting successful ideas into business value. 

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    Insights from Winners of the 2021 Impact Awards


    In this webcast, several winners of our 2021 Impact Awards share tips on how they’ve been making change happen inside their organizations.

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    How Leading Brands Use Cognitive Diversity to Drive Innovation


    Breakthrough innovation requires people with different mindsets to deliver big outcomes. And that cognitive diversity helps teams to see things differently and think differently. In this one-hour Master Class replay, learn how to collaborate with all kinds of creators: outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones to envision ...

  • showcase-series-sept-feat

    Innovation Showcase Replay — September 2021


    At our recent Innovation Showcase Series webcast, in September of 2021, a dozen of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared software, services offerings, and other solutions that can help corporate innovators achieve more. Here’s a replay of the event.