How Companies are Using or Redesigning Physical Innovation Spaces, and How They’re Creating Persistent Virtual Spaces for Innovation

February 23, 2022

In February 2022, we convened an InnoLead members’ meeting on Zoom to talk about how companies were using their physical innovation spaces, or experimenting with virtual ones.

Some companies with large innovation labs were looking at reopening them as potential hybrid offices — a place to convene people more casually. Other companies, especially those without headquarters located in major cities, were relying on their innovation centers in urban locations as a way to host events and activations, train employees, and plug in to the external ecosystem.

One member mentioned the meeting platform Glue, and using headsets from Oculus and Pico to give people access. Another said he’d tried platforms like Mozilla’s Hubs and NextMeet, with an eye toward software that could remain stable even when being used by a large group of people.

You can download the notes below in Word or PDF format. To learn about future members’ meetings, check our event calendar.

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