The Future of Consulting

June 3, 2024

Highlights and audio from a May 2024 InnoLead members’ meeting on the future of consulting in the innovation arena, featuring veterans Dan Ostrower, John Edson, and Abby Godee. Audio and highlights are below as PDF and M4A downloads.

Participants in the meeting were asked to share their predictions about the future of consulting, and “upvote” others’ predictions. These are five that rose to the top of the list:

  • “I’m seeing change management on the upswing as a consulting area. Marketing is going in the other direction. CMOs and entire marketing depts are being laid off left and right.”
  • “There is a huge opportunity for consulting to support with data modeling, such that organizational AI can be built on top of it for augmented learning and doing.”
  • “More productized offerings.”
  • “The requirement for consulting will lean on proof and creativity. Consulting will continue to live on, but will lean on differentiation, trust-building, creativity, and talent augmentation.”
  • “AI will minimize the need for consultants to perform activities like market sizing, competitive research, and even idea generation. However we will become MORE essential for helping take new ideas to market, scaling them, and using judgement and experience to decide what to prioritize.”

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