Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation

January 30, 2024

Notes from a January 2024 InnoLead members’ meeting on innovation in pharma. Includes data from surveys conducted during the meeting. You can download these notes in Word or PDF form.

Also below are slides shared by Tirrell Payton of Nooma Group, who was a guest speaker at the meeting. That presentation was titled “Gaining Buy-in.” It explores key shifts including “value-focused innovation,” “collaborative execution,” and “visionary storytelling.”

One survey was conducted to understand the specific domains that were high on the priority list of participants. The results:

  • Exploring AI or Other Technologies (74%)
  • Scouting / Partnering with Startups (58%)
  • Business Model Innovation (58%)
  • Digital Transformation (58%)
  • Culture Change / Capability Building (47%)
  • Making R&D More Productive (42%)
  • Digital Interface with Patients / Apps (42%)
  • Clinical Trials (26%)
  • Manufacturing (11%)
  • Regulatory / Government Affairs (11%)
  • Sales and Marketing (5%)
  • Other (5%)