2020 has been a trying year for the strategy, R&D, transformation, and digital professionals responsible for driving the organization in new directions and delivering new growth. The opportunities in 2020 to introduce big changes and new offerings are immense. But so is the scrutiny. When everyone in your company is working to manage the pressures of next week or this quarter, they may question why they company is making plans for six months from now — or two years from now?

In April 2020, we began planning this research initiative, CxOs and Innovation. It will consist of two mini-reports, interviews with corporate leaders, and thought leadership essays by our sponsor, KPMG LLP. The objective: to be helpful to C-Suite leaders and those professionals responsible for driving innovation inside large organizations.

Our data found that in the majority of large organizations, the role of the innovation leader is changing and evolving in 2020. But it is also being clarified: innovation, transformation, and digital initiatives must generate revenue, help reduce costs, or elevate the brand — or their days may be numbered.

This report was produced by InnoLead and sponsored by KPMG LLP.

Download part one of the report, “The Changing Role of the InnoLead,” and part two, “A New Vision for Corporate Innovation.”

Video: How are Large Companies Allocating Resources to Innovation?

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