How are the interactions between Global 1000 companies and startups changing? How do large organizations build the case for greater involvement in the startup ecosystem? What resources do they put in place? What challenges and roadblocks do they encounter in trying to run initial pilot tests and then scale up what works? 

To answer those questions, and others, we conducted a survey in Q3 2021 whose respondents included both leaders in large organizations and entrepreneurs who are seeking to collaborate with large organizations. We also conducted interviews with entrepreneurs and corporate professionals at companies like ExxonMobil, FM Global, PACCAR, Comcast NBCUniversal, and BAE Systems. The results are collected in a 61-slide PDF available here to InnoLead members. (MIT Industrial Liaison Program members can also access a complimentary copy by contacting their Program Director.) We’ll also be publishing longer versions of some of the interviews here, as well as bonus content.

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Sample Data from the Report

We asked corporate respondents about the biggest challenges they faced when engaging with the startup ecosystem. This sample data can be sorted (menu at top right) based on the respondents level of experience with startup engagement. More sortable data visualizations from this report are available to IL members in our Data & Downloadable Docs section.

About the Report

This 61-slide research deck was produced by InnoLead’s editorial staff, with input from our sponsor, MIT Corporate Relations (which includes the MIT Startup Exchange and the MIT Industrial Liaison Program.) All data and interviews were conducted in Q3 2021.