Data on How Corporates Interact with Startups, by Experience Level

September 20, 2021

For our recent research report on “The Changing Landscape of Corporate-Startup Engagement,” we asked corporate professionals about an array of issues related to scouting, collaborating with, and investing in startups. This resource presents their answers, and allows you to sort by experience level (or, in the case of the final visualization, to sort based on geography.) We’re grateful to the MIT Industrial Liaison Program and MIT Startup Exchange for their support of this research.

We defined three gradations of how much experience respondents and their companies have had interacting with the startup ecosytem: little experience, moderate experience, or most experience. It may be interesting to view the data through the lens of your own organization’s experience level.

How to use this visualization: Pull down the “Experience Level” or “Geography” menu at right to see what the data looks like through those lenses. You can also click the “down arrow” at bottom right to download the data in various formats.

This final visualization shows the levels of experience in different regions of the world. We found in general that our respondent set was “fairly experienced” with startup engagement, as most respondents were either members of the InnoLead community, or participants in the MIT Industrial Liaison Program. (Outside of Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, we didn’t receive enough responses to break out those regions.)