How can corporates successfully scout, collaborate with, and invest in startups —in a way that creates value for both parties?

This report addresses that very big question, with support from quantitative survey data, gathered in the second half of 2022, and qualitative interviews with leaders at organizations like JetBlue, Johnson & Johnson, TDK, and Coca-Cola.

One thing is clear: activity is increasing. Nearly 70 percent of our survey respondents said they expect their level of startup engagement to increase in 2023, compared with 2022. Almost 50 percent of our respondents say they have more than 10 collaborations or investments with startups already in place. Fifty-six percent of our respondents have a corporate venture capital group in place, and of those groups, one-third have been created within the past three years.

This report will help you evaluate an existing strategy for startup engagement or corporate venture capital investing — or shape a new one.

This report was sponsored by the MIT Industrial Liaison Program and MIT Startup Exchange, and produced by InnoLead.

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2021 DATA

InnoLead also partnered with MIT Corporate Relations last year on a report, “The Changing Landscape of Corporate-Startup Engagement.” Compare the 2021 findings with the 2022 findings.