At InnoLead, we’ve learned over the years that people really enjoy seeing slides their peers have created. They are a great way to understand how others approach the challenges of innovation, research and development, and new product creation.

That’s why we were excited to work with our friends at PatSnap to assemble a collection of “best practices” slides from R&D and innovation veterans. We asked our contributors to share the kind of slide that prompts everyone in an audience to grab their phones for a photo when it pops onto the screen.

What did we get? An array of thought-provoking ways to evaluate the innovation pipeline; drive transformation and scout relevant technologies; and overcome internal resistance.

We hope that this 60-slide collection can help you compare, contrast, and level up your organization’s approach to R&D and innovation.

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This report was produced by InnoLead and sponsored by PatSnap.

Sample Slides:

Among the Contributors to This Deck:

3M, ACGO Corp., Johnson & Johnson, PACCAR, Sonoco, SACHEM, Azbil Corp., Crown Equipment Corp., and more.

About PatSnap, Our Report Sponsor:

PatSnap is the global leader in connected innovation intelligence for IP and R&D teams. They use AI-powered and machine learning technology to comb through billions of datasets on patents, venture capital, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, technology news and more so that our customers can connect the dots, increase productivity, and innovate more effectively. PatSnap is revolutionizing the innovation process and making it faster and more efficient, and easier than ever before.