If you work in the realms of innovation, R&D, or strategy within a large organization, you already know that making change happen and delivering tangible business results is incredibly difficult. And at most organizations, there’s pressure to do more — faster — in order to keep pace with changing market and customer dynamics.

Our research report, “Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020,” collects data, insights, and advice from more than 200 of your peers to help you overcome those challenges.

Innovation Leader and KPMG have once again collaborated to create an all-new guide for corporate innovators, based on survey data and interviews with a dozen leaders at companies like Intel, Google, Ford, Nasdaq, Kellogg’s, and Capital One. This year, we looked at the data through two lenses: one that includes the complete set of 215 respondents, and a second that includes about 25 “role model” companies that put themselves at the more advanced end of the innovation maturity spectrum.

Here’s what you’ll find within the 80-page report:

  • Data From Innovators: Our review of the data from a 2019 survey of 215 corporate innovators — including lots of charts and graphs.
  • Corporate Perspectives: Perspectives from a dozen corporate innovators at companies like Philips Healthcare, ESPN, Bose, GOJO, and more about how to deliver impact.
  • KPMG LLP Insights: Insights from KPMG professionals about what this data might mean for you, and alternative approaches.
  • Questions & Resources: Discussion questions, resources, and worksheets to justify why an innovation program may be needed, measure progress, or upgrade the way you work.

This research project was produced by Innovation Leader and sponsored by KPMG LLP.

Sample Data