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Here you’ll find actual documents used by our members — including templates, spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, project documents, and more — from innovation executives at large companies like Coca-Cola, Target, Intel, Disney, Marriott, Nike, Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, and many others. Choose the category "Innovation Leader Resources" to see those created by Innovation Leader, in collaboration with former executives at Pfizer, Transamerica, Keurig Dr Pepper, VMware, BNY Mellon, and other companies. That category also includes data visualizations from many of our recent research reports.

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Matrix: Should You Watch, or Experiment With, an Emerging Technology

By Anonymous

Submitted anonymously in 2021, this slide looks at how one organization thinks about important and not (yet) important emerging technologies. How would you fill out this matrix for your organization today? Does everyone agree?


Data on How Corporates Interact with Startups, by Experience Level

By Matt Wolfinger, Innovation Leader

What resources do other corporates have in place for interacting with the startup ecosystem? What do they find most challenging? Explore the answers in these five data visualizations.


Survey Data: The Role Design Plays in Large Organizations

By Innovation Leader

PowerPoint deck of charts and qualitative comments from our 2021 survey on the role that design plays in large organizations.