The Role of Design and UX on an Innovation Team

January 7, 2022

Mark Faga, a Strategic Design Director currently at Ford, and formerly with Samsung Electronics and Allstate, created this document “to help us figure out who does what between design groups, when leadership was seeing design as a monolithic competency. The question would often arise about why an innovation design team would need to do research, or do things like prototype. We used this as a way to negotiate who does what, and potentially create career path options across the organization. Once built, I used it for hiring and gaps analysis for skills on our team.” It includes several spider charts that can be used to assess a particular individual’s competency, from “expert” to “no competency.”

Some material in this deck is based on the book Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams, by Peter Merholz and Kristin Skinner.

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