SAIC: Accelerating ROI by De-Risking Investments

March 13, 2022

Single PowerPoint slide that details the process that SAIC uses to determine whether new concepts and ventures deserve additional resources. Stages include:

Useful – Does the venture solve a meaningful problem for a viable addressable market?

Usable – Once you test an MVP with problem owners, is its value clear and intuitive to the user?

Used – Is there demand from the people or companies you test it with to become a beta-client? Is the solution stable and valuable in beta?

Scalable – Can we expand beyond our first mover customers and build out a robust sales pipeline?

Exitable – When the venture achieves a scale that starts to affect corporate earnings where should it live? As an autonomous business unit, a spin off, or serve as the engine of transformation across other businesses?

(Featured image by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash.)



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