Idea Canvas for Evaluating and Testing New Ideas

January 20, 2022

Developed by Eric Braun, an entrepreneur and former senior director and VP of innovation in the retail and software industries, this canvas template is intended to be used to evaluate ideas in an pipeline. It was adapted from the Business Model Canvas to better fit the needs of the corporate world, allowing you to follow a high-level scientific process when evaluating ideas and then use the criteria from the Idea Canvas when testing or validating that idea. “We have used the canvas as a control sheet of what we thought before experimentation, so we can confirm it or change it and pivot,” Braun explains.

 There are a few important guidelines for using the canvas: 

  1. Keep the information short, simple and concise. Do not shrink the font size to cram in too much info. Rather, rethink and reword your statements for simplicity and clarity.
  2. Fill out the complete canvas for better comparisons across ideas. 
  3. Be consistent in how you fill out the canvases, so your decisions are more consistent.

More details on using the Idea Canvas here.

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