How Do You Move From Thinking to Doing? IKEA Shares Best Practices for Pilot Tests

By Scott Kirsner |  March 22, 2022

In this video from our Impact Reconnected online event series, Cindy Soo, Co-Creation and Matrix Manager at the Swedish retailer IKEA, serves up best practices for running pilot tests, starting with the key benefits:

• Proving a local business case and ensuring that it is relevant to the company

• Reducing uncertainty

• Protecting the company from expensive failures

• Enabling business growth with quick learnings from the target customers.


Successful pilots also have four qualities, from Soo’s perspective: they are replicable, feasible, credible, and responsible (meaning, they generate postive outcomes from a planet and people perspective.) In the 40-minute video above, session participants also share their advice on improving the odds of pilot success. 


Our in-person Impact conference is coming up in May 2022, in Brooklyn, New York.